Pobec Nigeria Limited is a service organization devoted to offering a wide range of services,ranging from medical laboratory equipment to industrial equipment.

We deal in sales,installation and calibration of medical laboratory equipment used in clinical microbiology,clinical chemistry,hematology,genetics,cytogenetics,reproductive biology,parasitology,toxicology,immunology,immuno-hematology,urinoanalysis,histopathology,cytopathology,electron microscopy,to mention but a few.

Pobec Nigria Limited also deals in industrial equipment utilized in general processes which include liquefaction of gases,supercritical drying,freeze-drying and scrubbing;

  • Chemical processes which include haber process,smelting,disinfection and pyroprocessing;
  • Heat processes which include flash smelting;
  • Electrolysis which include gilding,electroplating,anodization,electrowinning,electropolishing and electrofocusing;
  • Distillation which include fractional distillation,batch distillation,continuous distillation and fractionating column.

Pobec Nigeria Limited was incorporated to carry out the business of marketing and maintenance of laboratory and hospital equipment in liason with Leica Microsystems-GmBH NUSSLOCH-Germany and Mettler Toledo AG-Switzerland